Face to Face Noodle House

Ask any Malaysian what noodles they really miss from home and likely you would hear two answers. Sarawak’s Kolo Mee and Kuala Lumpur’s Chili Pan Mee. Face to Face Noodle House is a Malaysian chain with its first outlet here in Singapore serving such Malaysian delights. I first discovered this place when I saw them have a Hot & Spicy Pan Mee Challenge. My senses perked up at the mention of Spicy and Challenge.

A Combo Meal of Hot & Spicy Chili Pan Mee, Fried Taco Wings, and Iced Honey Lemon

Since then, I have regularly come by this outlet as it is on my way home. I am nearly embarrassed to say that they can enter my order in when they see me in the queue, but that’s pretty much how their service is. With a smile and ever willing to help you decide what you would like if you are undecided.

Up Close and Personal with the Pan Mee

My typical order here consists of the Hot and Spicy Pan Mee which is offered in regular and flat noodles. Since I like to pile on the chili, I welcome that they are willing to provide extra chili packs (though I do miss the kick of the challenge era spiciness when they had level 4 spiciness).

Delicious Chili Coated Noodles

Where they shine is the variety of noodle styles. The texture of the Kolo Mee and Chili Pan Mee is what sets these dishes apart. Kolo Mee demands a chewy “Q-ness” while Pan Mee has a softer texture.

The Pan Mee is quite similar to the popular Ban Mee in many hawker centres and food courts, with a just a simple difference. The noodles are served dry.

The onsen egg is deliciously runny and, with chili added to the dish, mixed in to glue it onto the noodles. The minced meat and anchovies complement the soft yet firm noodles.

Fried Tacau Wings and Iced Honey Lemon

For a S$10.90, one gets a drink and side dish along with your main bowl of noodles. I typically have the Fried Taco Wings or the Bacon Cheese Ball. The former consists of 2 mid-joint chicken wings marinated with a sweet, yellow bean paste and pan-fried for that moist, crispy skin. The Bacon Cheese Ball is a chicken cheese meatball wrapped in a crispy bacon. Need I say more? I like to wash it down with some Home Made Iced Honey Lemon.

Overall, a delicious simple meal that will not break the bank. Plus there are many options available, with the latest being Sarawak Laksa, and Pan Mee Burger (with their deliciously marinated Black Pepper Pork Chop).

Face To Face Noodle House
180 Kitchener Road
City Square Mall Level 2
Singapore 208539
Tel: +65 6595 6595
Opening Hours: 11am – 10pm
Web: www.facetoface.com.sg





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