Royal London Duck

In the little corner of CompassOne, I see a little shop that I had never noticed before. In nondescript gold lettering, “Royal London Duck”. Having just had a chat with an ex-colleague about shopping in Hong Kong, the menu did seem quite in line. Roasted meats, congee, dim sum…

As is with the trend with many eateries in suburban malls, the bulk of their seating is outside the front door. No wonder I did not notice it. It was tucked away behind a shop. This was so reminiscent  of London Fat Duck and that was no coincidence. The original partners split up and this was the counter to it.

Twin Combo Roast Duck and Crispy Roast Pork Noodle

The Twin Combo Roast Duck and Crispy Roast Pork Noodle (S$8.80) came with a humble portion of meats, a bowl of soup, and, oddlyenough, no veggies. Normally, I tolerate Hong Kong style noodles for being very springy and hard to bite into. Not so with these, while not as soft as overcooked Maggi noodles, the noodles were firm, yet easy to eat. There wasn’t much sauce to go along with the noodles but there was Chilli sauce on hand. Rather than my usual generous dollop of chili sauce, I brushed the sauce on to the noodles lightly as I stirred it in. The chili sauce was similar to that of XO sauce but smoother. It paired with the noodles well.

Look at that fat

The meats were the star of the dish. The roast duck meat was firm with a generous layer of fat beneath the skin. The skin wasn’t crispy but had a very nice fruity flavour lather on its golden brown surface. It could do with a light brush of marinade on the meat but it was not left dry. The crispy roast pork was exactly that, layered pork tucked under a crispy crackling with a delectably juicy layer of fat in between. If anything can be said about the meats, the juices are all natural and tucked into the fats nicely.

Dim sum with the meal

I was sad to have missed out the Xiao Long Bao, but made up for it with Har Kau (S$5.80) for 3 pieces of the steaming hot dumplings. The shrimp filling was tasty and juicy. I topped off the meal with Steam Salted Egg Yolk Charcoal Buns (S$5.20) for 3 piping hot black buns, that ooze with the savoury custard. Definitely not a bad way to end the meal.


One of the good things about the pricing is that there is no service charge, and GST is included. It isn’t high end quality food, but affordable and decent.

Royal London Duck

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