So these Stuff’d kiosks seem to be popping up all around Singapore (16 and counting at time of writing). For a quick bite these seem to be fairly alright, unless you happen to be at the few that I go past that always have long queues. Fortunately, that is not always the case. Along side these, you would likely see Crave or Pezzo next to them. It is no coincidence, they are under the same parent company.

Chicken breasts on the spit roast
At the kiosk you get a choice of 4 items – Kebab, Burrito, Quesadilla, or Salad Bowl. Kebabs are the basic item and quite filling on its own, with Burritos adding some carbs to the filling.  Quesadillas are served in a larger tortilla and folded over. If I need to explain the Salad Bowl to you, then I think we might have a problem; because Burritos can be served as Burrito Bowls as well.

View of the preparation stations with the steps
Like Subway sandwiches, you get your pick of freshly chopped veggies and sauces. If you aren’t sure what’s available, each step is labelled on the glass divider for you with each step for you to choose.

Adding the fillings
For proteins, you have the spit roasted chicken that graces each of these outlets, or beef chilli con carne. Now this is kind of where my issue with Stuff’d lies. While I do like chilli con carne as much as the next guy, it just doesn’t stand out for me, especially since it is labelled as mexican and turkish food. But that’s just because when it comes to kebabs I sway more towards more turkish fair since I prefer lamb/beef spit roasted with more spices.

A quote on the sticker that keeps the foil pack taut
What I do like about Stuff’d is that they have extras like cheese, guacamole, and hummus at S$1 each. These are ingredients that I would have with most of my wraps because it makes it super tasty. Plus they wrap it up nicely and put it in sandwich press. My only complaint there is that it should be toasted a little longer because the middle of the wrap is still a little cold from the fresh veggies and guacamole.

A bite taken
For an extra S$2 you get a side order and a soft drink.Not bad for a simple quick meal. I would prefer if they could get beef/lamb on a spit roast like most turkish kebabs. Oh, and as far as I have seen, only the CompassOne outlet has seating, which is shared with Crave and Pezzo.

Various locations, check website for details


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