Many are familiar with Aston’s and their various eateries all over Singapore. What not many people may not know of, is their sister series of outlets called, Chic-a-boo. Having started off about a year ago with its first outlet at HillV2, the outlet at City Square marks their fifth branch. It takes over the space from Aston’s with that branch moving upstairs to level 4.

2 Piece Chicken Set

As is the case with any decent fried chicken eatery in Singapore, you have the original flavour called Favourite, as well as a Hot & Spicy option. As with Aston’s, ordering your meal comes with a choice of sides.

My 2 Piece ChickenSet (S$7.90) gave me a choice of 2 sides. One thing some might like is that curly fries are a permanent item on the menu. Also, rather than the typical coleslaw, there is the option for TCO Salad. TCO stands for Tomato, Cucumber, and Onion. The dressing on it is a light vinegrette which detracts away from the deep fried chicken.

Picking up my order

On top of the 2 side dishes, you also get a corn muffin. The muffin is quite small and the texture inside seemed a slightly more moist than I’d expect, but it does taste pretty good.

Corn muffin

I tried one of each of the available flavours and found that unlike some places where the difference is barely noticeable, the differences cannot be further apart. Starting off with the similarities, The Favourite one I had was a rib portion and it was distinctively dry. Flavour wise, there was nothing particularly outstanding about it. The Hot & Spicy one was where my tongue rejoiced. (Of course, notwithstanding my affection for spices). The spicy drumstick I had was very much juicier. The difference most likely due to the difference in cuts of chicken, but the flavour of the spicy would more than sway me towards that each time.

Overall, I was not wow-ed by the chicken. I might try the Hot & Spicy to see if it was consistent. The sides were good but sides won’t be the reason why I’d make this a pit stop for fried chicken.

Various Locations


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