I was never really a fan of Japanese curry. It generally caters towards a sweeter palette. Years ago, I was introduced to Go Go Curry which brought back the notion of a spicy Japanese curry to me. Sadly, it has since left our shores with its remaining outLet’s taken over by another Japanese curry chain – Monster Curry. But their method of inducing spice was by adding the equivalent of McDonald’s garlic chilli sauce on to the gravy. At the same time, CoCoICHIBANYA came about.

Customising your meal

As with the other Japanese curry outlets, the focus was on customising your meal option. From the amount of rice, to the spiciness of the curry, and the choice of ingredients. There was even the option of having less rice, which brings the price down a bit.

CoCo Omu Fried Rice with chicken cutlet and bacon

The curry was flavourful and mixed in well with the fried rice I had. The CoCo Omu Fried Rice (S$13.90) came with a typical Japanese salad and an Iced Lemon Tea.  The fried rice was flavourful (not that the plain rice wasn’t).Additional toppings can be added for an additional cost. You just need to find your starting base (in this case, omu fried rice) and tailor everything else around it.

Simple japanese style salad with thousand island dressing and iced lemon tea

A delicious meal which can get a bit costly with the more you add to it, but worth it for a tasty Japanese curry. Definitely for spice lovers. They have recently opened their 6th outlet at Raffles City Shopping Centre.

Various Locations
Facebook: @CoCoICHIBANYAsingapore


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