Tenkaichi Yakiniku Restaurant

Japanese and Korean BBQ grills seem to be all the rage in Singapore. Usually at these places I always go for either of 2 things. The thinly sliced rolled beef short ribs, and bacon. Not at Tenkaichi. Three words are all that is really needed to entice me here; Free flow wagyu.

Appetisers bar

There are a variety of options available for diners. They have an ala carte menu with special lunch sets on weekdays (except public holidays). Next up, there is the Deluxe Buffet (S$39.80++ for lunch; S$44.80++ for dinner). What this gives you, is access to 2 pages worth of items which have been updated since the last time I was here. There didn’t used to be chorizo salami on the menu. For a top up to their Premium Buffet menu (Promotional special at S$64.80++ for lunch; S$69.80++ for dinner), you get the spread at the Deluxe Buffet and so much more.Wagyu served in a variety of ways, oysters, scallops etc. The markup is considerable but the quality of the ingredients more than makes up for it.

Kuro Buta Karubi
Wagyu Beef Yukke

The Wagyu Beef Yukke, is one of my personal favourites. Steak tartare served with raw egg. Just mix it up and enjoy. You can taste each strand of the minced meat. Since it doesn’t need to cook, you can enjoy it while waiting for the Wagyu Karubi and Wagyu Rosu to cook on the grill.

Wagyu Karubi


Wagyu Rosu

These two cuts of beef differ in the texture, while the Rosu is leaner, it is a thicker cut and takes a little longer to be fully cooked. The Karubi is much more marbled and it shows when you bite into its tenderness. I like to grill it a bit more so that it is a little crisp on the outside.

Wagyu Tan (Ox Tongue)

On top of the menu items, there is a salad bar, and appetisers bar. The salad bar is very basic and, sadly, ignorable. My eating companions missed out on it till they were almost done. However, that is where the mushrooms are. Enoki mushrooms are wonderfully paired with the Wagyu Karubi.

Wagyu beef and pork patties

Over on the appetisers bar, you have Miso Soup, which is wonderful to have to wash down fattiness of the meat, as well as other staples such as Prawn Tempura, Chawanmushi and Cold Soba.

Salad bar

One of their on going promotions is free flow of drinks and Haagen Daaz Ice cream. you just need to show them that you liked them on Facebook. That’s a pretty solid deal. This is definitely worth going to once in a while. It’s not cheap, but worth it.

Tenkaichi Yakiniku Restuarant
6 Raffles Boulevard,
Marina Square Shopping Mall
Singapore 039594
Tel: +65 6250 8918
Opening Hours:
Mon-Fri: 1:30am – 2:30pm (last order 2:00pm); 5:30pm – 10:00pm (last order 9:30pm)
Sat, Sun, PH: 11:30am – 10:00pm (last order 9:30pm)
Web: www.tenkaichi.com.sg
FB: www.facebook.com/Tenkaichi.sg/



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